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Minor boy killed in land dispute

Minor boy killed in land dispute

Chiniot: In a very unfortunate incident a minor boy killed in land dispute when landlord bulldozed houses in Chiniot. According to news Owner of a local sugar mill purchased one acre land on Jhok more. Land was illegally occupied by some families since many years. Occupants had built houses there and were not willing to vacate the property. New owner of the property asked them to vacate the land as he has purchased this for commercial purpose. However, occupants refused to oblige saying the previous land owner had permitted them to occupy the property. They claimed that they have invested hundreds of thousands rupees building their homes and they will not vacate the land. New landowner Faisal constantly pursued them to vacate the property but to no avail. After failing to pursue the occupants peacefully he decided to use power to get hold of his property. Challenges of learning arabic the problem is that the language is quite tough to https://writemyessay4me.org/ learn. His men used tractors to demolish the houses. During the operation a twelve year boy lost his life after being run over by tractor. The ill-fated boy was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead by doctors. Heirs of the deceased demonstrated against the landowner and blocked road. Police has not registered case so far and no arrest is made. Chiniot is center of disputes and many people lose their lives in property related disputes every year. Feudal culture still prevails in the area and is a major cause of poor law enforcement mechanism. Police and law enforcement agencies are accused of favoring powerful. Couple of days ago Chiniot police openly tortured a poor man accused of theft. Incident was widely broadcasted by leading news channels but nobody took high handedness of Police.



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