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Your hand will be your Smartphone soon

Your hand will be your Smartphone soon

Your hand will soon reflect what you Smartphone has to say. This sounds weird but it will not be a dream soon enough. Reports are that Japanese researchers are developing a revolutionary technology which has the ability to keep your mobile at a hands distance without having to carry it.

At the University of Tokyo, Masatoshi Ishikawa and his colleagues have unveiled a way to display the projection of your Smartphone on you palm or on any other opaque surface using a technique that combines two rotational mirrors and a special camera.

So now, users won’t have the need to depend on a computer or any keyboard. They will be able to make calls remotely without having to carry anything.

According to Ishikawa, the system will have the capacity to detect the movements of 3-dimensional objects and their movements every two milliseconds.

ABC news has presented a report which says that the program tracks the object and its movement with the aid of a high-speed vision, which allows users to walk while the image of their mobile phone is on their palm.

The computer system uses beams from ultrasonic wave emitters to produce a reflection of the mobile phone on the palm and the user can have the sensational feeling of the phone in their hand that the keyboard is pressing against their skin.

Ishikawa has excelled in the development of high-speed vision technology systems. His latest achievement last year was the launch of a high-speed robotic hand.

He says that the palm-phone will be become a real-world market within two to three years.



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