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Veena Malik’s Silk Sakkath Hot Maga running housefull

Veena Malik’s Silk Sakkath Hot Maga running housefull

Bollywood bombshell Veena Malik’s hotly-anticipated Kannada movie Silk Sakkath Hot Maga is looking on song to beak all the Sandalwood box office records.

The Pakistani starlet is leaving no stone unturned to promote her movie. Recently she turned out be a ticket seller and sold her movie tickets at Bangalore Multiplex’s.

Silk Sakkath Hot Maga has witnessed a great response from the audience since its launch on August 2. The tickets of the movie are selling like hot cakes. Thousands of fans were seen lined up outside of multiplex in extremely hot weather to get the advance booking of the movie, which features a string of steamy scenes.

Veena Malik

Irrespective of the age, the fans queued up outside the Cinema Hall to get a glimpse of Veena, who has played a leading role in the movie.  While many of them didn’t leave the ticket window until she shook hands with them, some others asked her for autograph.

But along with this impressive welcome, her racy scenes have also annoyed a few social groups. A right-wing Hindu group Sri Rama Sene from Karnataka is the first among them.

Sri Rama Sene, which has been opposing her presence in the Kannada film from the first day for the raunchy scenes, on Monday held the protests across Karnataka against the movie, which is directed by Trishul and produced by Venkatappa.



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