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Mexico storms killed more than 97 people

Mexico storms killed more than 97 people

Officials say more than 97 have been killed by storms that hit the country earlier in the week.

A landslide partially surrounded the town near the Pacific coast in the village of La Printada. Almost 15 people have been improved and nearly 70 inhabitants are missing, said the authorities.

A helicopter with three staff members on board disappeared, while rescuing in the affected area, according to Mexican media. Officials are predicting that the crew have been unable to update their base on their location and the helicopter had to land within bad weather conditions.

Early on Friday, police and navy teams are to begin searching for the helicopter when visibility improves, reports by Mexico newspaper. In the meantime, the President Enrique Pena has said in a speech that he is cancelling a planned trip to the UN in New York to focus on aid efforts.

More than 100,000 were affected by the Hurricane, told reporters by the state governor, Mario Lopez Valdez. Tropical storm Manuel has become a hurricane and moved north forcing hundreds from their homes in Sinaloa state on Thursday

Manuel brought heavy rains and winds of up to 75mph (120km/h) as it hit the surface and caused flash floods in Sinaloa. Fishing village of Yameto was expatriate as Manuel loomed and schools have been closed in the region closed.

According to the United states National Hurricane Center, it gradually began losing strength and going back to being a tropical storm. Manuel is now anticipated to drive away before the weekend, climate conditions are expected to stay poor over the coming days as a 3rd storm estimate. Mexico has had to deal with two storms simultaneously.

Earlier this week, resort town of Acapulco and its neighboring areas were nastiest hit by Manuel, more than 10,000 stranded tourist have been airlifted by military planes from the resort town of Acapulco.

Meanwhile, many stores have been robbed and residents of the environs of Acapulco have complained about being left to fend for themselves.

A remote village, La Pintada of 600 residents describes how the hillside destroyed their homes while they were holding Independence Day celebrations. The landslide ripped through the middle of the village on Monday evening, destroying the school, kindergarten and the church. The residents tried to save their wealth during a short break in the rain.

“We were eating when it thundered, and when the mountain collapsed the homes were swept away the thundering noise became louder,” said AFP news agency by Erika Guadalupe Garcia.

“Few homes were left, more than half of La Pintada was destroyed,” said Maria del Carmen.  Ana Clara Catalan, a 17 years old, said that the noise was as ugly, worse than a bomb”. Most of the people have been shifted to safe places with the help of Helicopter.



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