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Bomb cause mayhem across Iraq

Bomb cause mayhem across Iraq

Previously, the spike in violence left 800 people dead, says UN.Mostly targeting Shia areas, bomb has killed more than 40 people across Iraq, say officials.

Two cars bombs at a souk killed 15 civilians at least and the deadly was in the Hilla city, south of the Baghdad capital. Further bombs smashed Basra, Nasiriya, Karbala in the south of the kingdom and Baghdad itself.According to United Nations, this year in Iraq, more than 5,000 people have been died, 800 of them in August alone.

The highest level of religious violence has rushed across Iraq in the recent months, since 2008.

Injured son

Two parked car exploded bombs at once near a busy bazaar, about 95 kilometers (60 miles) south of Baghdad in Hilla, said police. Abu Ahmed, a grocery store owner told one news agency that he had walked out of his shop when two blasts occurred.

“I ran to check on my son who was shell for me in my shop and found him among many bodies covered with blood. There is nothing left of my shop”, he said

Some of the other occurrences comprised:

  • A car bomb hit a parking lot and killed four civilians and wounding nine, some 50 km (30 miles) south capital, in Iskandariya, said police.
  • Another four killed by bomb explosion in an industrial area of Katbala.
  • Nine other died in Shia dominated city in and around Kut.
  • In the southern cities Basra and Nasiriya eight people were killed.
  • Three security personnel were killed in Baghdad when bomb exploded near the convoy of the head of provincial council official in the Sunni-dominated Azamiya district. In Baghdad’s western suburbs bomb hit a police patrol and killed two civilians.

Near Mosul, the capital of Nineveh province, more than 20 people were killed when a suicide bomber attacked the funeral of a member of the Shabak people, on Saturday.

About 50000 people who mainly follow a faith considered an outgrowth of Shia Islam, are often targeted in attacks by Sunni militants, the Shabak.

On Friday, bomb attack killed at least 30 people on a Sunni mosque in the central city of Baquba.

Iraq security forces have allegedly arrested hundreds of suspected al-Qaeda members in and around Baghdad as part of an operation the Shia-led government is calling “Revenge for the martyrs”, in recent weeks.

The operations in Sunni districts have annoyed the Sunni community and failed to stop violence. From the conflict in Syria country has also seen a peak of violence, which increasingly has taken on sectarian insinuations.



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