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Sewerage system of Maskeen Pura stop working

Sewerage system of Maskeen Pura stop working

Daily Express news reported today on 22nd July 2015, about the sewerage system of Maskeen puran Chiniot. where they are reporting that many of the streets of Maskeen pura (Gulshan Abad) Chiniot are having standing water where lot of diseases are being generated and citizens are having lot of troubles due to this standing water which is full of germs.

Reporter reports that the bad condition is due to TMA Chiniot who is responsible to get these streets clean but due to lack of cleaning services and damaged sewerage system there is such issue.

Resident of Maskeen pura reported the same many times to TMA but no one is ready to take care of such condition even they never bother to visit the area at least to have a look at this.

All the Resident of Maskeen pura came to Express Office and request to bring this issue in the knowledge of Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and Commissioner Faisalabad so they can advise TMA Chiniot to get this sewerage system in order .



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